Monday, May 28, 2012

Port Orleans Riverside - Royal Guest Rooms

by Michelle:
My family and I were lucky enough to stay at the brand new Royal Guest rooms at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. We knew that we needed a resort that would have queen beds, but wanted to stay in a moderate resort because of the price point. Since our kids are getting older, we wanted to get 2 rooms and have more space. Having stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort only a few months ago in October, and BEFORE the new refurbishments were done, we were interested in seeing what had changed and how much we would like this resort with its new improvements. My favorite resort is usually Coronado Springs and I was a little disappointed when we stayed in Port Orleans for the first time. We did not like the double beds that they had back then. They really do make a difference!

These Royal Guestrooms are located in the Magnolia Bend area of the resort, and are in the Oak Manor and Parterre buildings, which are great, preferred sections in the resort. It is very close the the main building and swimming pools and can run about $30-$40 more than a standard room.

I must say that the improvements were wonderful! Disney definitely did not disappoint with their attention to detail! I loved the new queen beds and all of the other special touches that Disney added to these Royal rooms. They were not too "princessy" or "girly" for boys and adults to be able to stay in it. The LED fireworks that can be turned on with a switch on the headboard was beautifully done. These rooms are definitely a great room for the princesses in your family, but can also be a great themed room for all ages to enjoy!

Pictures of the Princesses (and princes) were everywhere!

Some pictures of the bathroom area and bathroom fixtures. We love having the double sinks!

A letter from Tiana:
Welcome All,
We are so excited to have you stay with us.
My friends and I have shared so
many wonderful moments here that this has
become a very special place in our hearts.

As you make yourself at home, you'll
discover some treasured memories my friends
have given me over the years.

Enjoy making magical memories with your
friends and family in my Royal Guest Room.

Your friend,
Princess Tiana

A map of the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. You can see the locations of the Royal Guest Rooms that are in the buildings highlighted in RED:

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  1. The rooms just scream royalty with the way they are designed and furnished! You only have to take a look at them to realize how lavishly the rooms were supplied, from the lighting fixtures to the luxurious furniture. Even the carpet looks fit for royalty!

    Alison Spalding