Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Disney's PhotoPass - How does it work?

We often get questions about Disney's PhotoPass service. What is it? How does it work? How much does it cost? I hope this article helps you understand it more!

Disney’s PhotoPass service is an easy way to get fantastic photos of your entire family at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. A PhotoPass photographer will take a picture of your group (or just the children, just the adults, etc. - you can dictate the picture), scan a card, and then hand you the card. When you return home you use Disney’s website: to load these pictures and add Disney themed borders to them. When you have all your pictures edited you can order a CD of your pictures.

There are PhotoPass Photographers throughout the theme parks, including the water parks at Walt Disney World, and even sometimes at the resorts. They are always located in front of the park’s giant icon, at most character meet & greets, and in other busy areas of the park. Sometimes they will create a “magic shot” where they include a Disney character in the finished product (you will see it online and on your CD as in the example with Minnie Mouse below), or they will have you do a fun pose. You can also request these “magic shots” and pose however you'd like!

Once you have been given a PhotoPass card by your first photographer, you can keep using this same card throughout your entire trip. If you happen to forget it in the room, do not hesitate to ask for another card. You can have as many as you’d like, and there is NO limit to how many pictures you can have made either.

You can either pre-purchase a CD, or purchase it after your trip.  There is a discount price of $99.95 if you pre-purchase it at

*Tip: Once you have your PhotoPass card, take a picture of the number code on the back. If you happen to lose your card, you can still use this number to load your pictures online after your trip!

Note: If you choose NOT to purchase the PhotoPass CD, you can still ask the PhotoPass Photographers to take a picture with your camera -- at no charge!

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