Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meeting Elsa & Ana from Disney's Frozen

Character meet & greets at Walt Disney World are wildly popular, but when Disney places a new character in the parks, getting to meet that character without a giant wait can take some serious thought and planning.

Such is the case with Disney's newest characters, Elsa and Ana from Disney's Frozen.  You can find Elsa and Ana in the Norway Pavilion of EPCOT.

Disney allows guests to start lining up at park opening, generally 9 AM, and the meets start at 11 AM when the World Showcase officially opens.

Yes, people are happily waiting 2 hours to get a bit of face time with these two lovely ladies!

One thing many people may not know is that Disney is allowing one person to wait for the whole family.  That means one parent can take one for the team and stand in line, while the rest enjoy Soarin' or Test Track.  This is ideal if possible, but what if it's not?  Our suggestion is to head back right at park opening, or by 10:30 AM and your wait time should be manageable.  In the afternoon the wait time can soar up to four hours.

We've heard many rave reviews about the character interaction with Elsa and Ana and people say the wait is worth the time.

Thanks to MWT Agent Jeanne Simons for the advice and pictures!

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