Friday, May 3, 2013

Spotlight on the Wishes! Dessert Party

by Brook Wozniak

My family has done the Wishes! Dessert Party twice and we very much enjoyed it both times!  It's an excellent way to end a day at the Magic Kingdom and since we have a young child, it was pure bliss not having to face the crowds to find a good spot to view the fireworks.  

The Wishes! Fireworks Dessert Party at the Magic Kingdom gives you an exclusive viewing area for the nightly fireworks and a self-service dessert buffet.

Held most nights throughout the year, the Wishes! Dessert Party is held in the Tomorrowland Terrace.  The Party starts one hour prior to the showing of the fireworks and ends about 30 minutes after the fireworks.  There is generally a PhotoPass photographer at the party to capture some pictures of your traveling party with the iconic Cinderella's Castle.

Advance reservations are highly recommended; however, the time frame for when the dining window opens varies from month to month.  Just today part of July was opened, it is generally around 90 days in advance.

There are no discounts for this party and the Disney Dining Plan is not accepted.  Park admission to the Magic Kingdom is required.  The price ranges from $21.99-$25.99/adult and $11.99-$13.99/child (ages 3-9) and it can be booked online.

Enough with the details!  Let's get on to the GOOD stuff!  The FOOD!  

Banana Creme Pie

Fresh fruit, brownie, peanut butter chocolate dessert, raspberry sipper

Mini-creme brulees!

Chocolate covered strawberry, fresh fruit, cannoli, donut holes and...and...and!!!

Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart

Chocolate Mousse

Mini Tiramisu! 

Chocolate Raspberry Pistachio 

The view! It's not perfectly straight-on, but still a good view.

PhotoPass Photographer at the Party to capture family pictures

Contact your Mouse World Travel Agent to book this delicious Magical Add-On!


  1. You know this is on my Disney Bucket list! Thanks for sharing the pics Brook!

  2. Disney is also in my bucket list but for the next summer vacation and also have chance to enjoy the life moment there in the pics i show that much superb foods with delicious taste and at that time i am in Us and going to book the ticket toward the bus from nyc to indianapolis..

  3. Wow!! That sound’s amazing. Dessert party at Magic Kingdom must be a fun. I have never done such party earlier, but we enjoy parties at famous venues in atlanta many times. Our last party was super fun with amazing buffet. Every one enjoyed the dinner party a lot!