Friday, May 10, 2013

How do I get a Pin Code from Walt Disney World?

First things first, what is a Pin Code?

A Pin Code is an exclusive discount from Walt Disney World, sent directly to a specific person - hopefully you!  They are meant only for the person they are addressed to and cannot be shared.  They are sent via email or regular mail and often have an expiration date, or "book by" date on them.  They are often GREAT offers, some of the best you can find!

Sounds great, right?  So, how do you get a Pin?

Well...that's easier said that done.  There is no exact method, rhyme or reason to guarantee you will get a Pin, but here are a few things to try:

1) Disney needs your contact information to send you anything - so go create an account at  Enter in all your current information and price a few trips out, just for fun!

2) While on the Walt Disney World site, if you are prompted to take a survey - take it.

3) Request a Planning DVD.  (they are really fun to watch anyway!  Great for kids!)

4) Make personalized planning maps here:

All these items show Disney you are interested in taking a trip to Walt Disney World and what better than a discount to reel in a potential guest?

Again, none of these are surefire ways to get a Pin Code, but it will get your name into the Disney databases and certainly can't hurt your odds!

Once you get your Pin Code contact your Mouse World Travel Agent, book your trip and have a BLAST!!!

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