Monday, February 27, 2012

The Wonderland Tea Party

Looking for something extra for your little one during your next Walt Disney World trip? The Wonderland Tea Party is a fabulous party held Monday through Friday, 2-3 PM at the 1900 Park Fare restaurant at the Grand Floridian resort.

Children ages 4-10 attend a "tea party" with the Mad Hatter and Alice; they decorate cupcakes, drink "tea" (apple juice) and play games. PhotoPass photographers attend to the party to capture your child's fun. The price is approximately $42.60 including tax, and adults are not allowed.

We were lucky to attend this party in 2009. Things have changed slightly since we last attended, but it was a huge highlight of the trip for my daughter (Claire).

We checked in about 20 minutes prior to the party's start time. We also brought along our autograph book for the characters to sign. Parents were allowed to come in and make sure their child got seated and then the children waved us off. I actually lingered to take a few more pictures and my daughter told me it was time for me to leave!

My daughter told me that the party started when they suddenly heard banging on the doors and when they opened them, there was no one there....the Mad Hatter and Alice were playing tricks on them and running from door to door knocking!

They decorated their cupcakes and ate lunch (which is no longer provided) and play games with Alice and the Mad Hatter. Claire told me that the Mad Hatter had very bad manners and they had to scold him several times. At one point they were led out to the lobby for a parade. I was lucky enough to capture a few pictures. Claire was having a ball.

The worked their way around the lobby and out to a court yard where each child had a picture taken with the characters.

After the picture session they were led back into 1900 Park Fare and it got quiet inside. Alice and the Mad Hatter had left, but the games continued. The hour went by fast and soon it was time to go in and pick up our children. The Cast Members told us to walk in quietly, as they had gotten the children to take a nap. You could see them all with their heads on the table and shaking with giggles. They then yelled out surprise and held out flowers for us.

Claire talked about this experience non-stop. We do plan to do it again!

You can make this reservation 180 days out by calling (407) WDW-DINE or ask you Mouse World Travel Agent to do this for you. There is a cancelation policy and you will be charged a cancelation fee if you cancel less than 24 hours beforehand. Payment is due at check in, but a credit card is needed to hold your child's place.

We highly recommended giving this party a try. Boys and girls can attend, but I have found that it is usually mostly girls. Costumes are optional as well, but many do wear them.

by Jennifer Dowling

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