Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

In Walt Disney World's Epcot there is an interactive game known as the Kim Possible Showcase Adventure.  It takes place all around the World Showcase, and is tied almost seamlessly might not even realize it exists! 

So how does it work?  You pick up a ticket (much like a FastPass) at one of the following locations: Innoventions, the bridge between World Showcase and Future World, or the International Gateway.  The ticket will tell you when and where to report in the World Showcase to begin your assignment.  The "recruitment centers" are clearly labeled, as are the areas to report to.

When you report to the location listed on the ticket stub where you receive your Kimmunicator, which is a cell phone.  The Cast Member sends you off to one of the countries in the World Showcase where you start your mission, teaming up with Kim Possible and her crew to save the country from the villains.

The Kimmunicator will lead you all over the pavilion, even if you've been to Epcot several times you might see some new nooks and crannies! 

As you go throughout your mission you use the KimMunicator to literally interact with elements that are part of window displays, statues, and even the buildings themselves.  You'd NEVER know what might light up, spin or talk without the Kimmunicator in your hands, the elements are not obvious in the least! It's truly amazing!

I won't spoil any of the missions, but here are a few pictures taken during a couple different ones:

And this 3-year old's review? 

It's a hit!  In our case we had to read the screen for our son, and really assist him with the clues, but he still HIGHLY enjoyed it.  Older children will get into it even more.

If you have a child who isn't so keen on the World Showcase, this is a great game to get them interested and involved, and to see the World Showcase in a whole new way!

If you have a larger group you can get two Kimmunicators tied together, running the same missions so you don't have a group huddled around one phone.

Each mission takes about 30 minutes to complete.  You can take your time with it, your are not timed.  At the end of your mission, the phone will either prompt you to drop it in a hidden box, or it may ask if you'd like to save another country and you can keep going.  Again, you can always stop halfway through a mission, or between missions, for rides or a meal.  It will not disrupt the game.

Rumors are saying this game will soon change to the popular Phineas & Ferb, which I think will make it even MORE appealing to the kids!

Have you tried the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure?  What did you think?

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