Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cars Land: Early Entry at Disney California Adventure

by Jennifer Dowling

I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland this year for the very first time for an Agent Education Program. I knew time would be limited so my co-agent, Cass, and I decided to come in a couple of days early so we could have some park time on our own.

On our first full day we went to California Adventure's Early Entry for Disneyland Resort Guests.
I am going to tell you about that experience here.....

First tip, when arriving at the park for early entry, the lines will be very long. Do NOT get in the first line you see, as often the lines further away or in the middle are shorter if you look.

Once you get in, you will be stopped by a rope. It isn't a free for all, so be mindful of the Cast Members and stay out of the roped off areas.

Once the first rope was dropped we quickly made our way towards Carsland to the next rope. The advice given to both Cass and I were to stay wide and right. When you go to Radiator Springs it will funnel all down to the right and those on the right tend to get in faster.

We went to the right side and just about the 2nd row back from the rope.

Here they come!!!!!!!!

That gas hose was going to be the new “rope” to take us back to Carsland.

And we are waiting!!!!

And waiting!

This is a good sign…the welcome committee is here!

Then they slowly walked us back towards Carsland. At one point we saw the people who used the Grand Californian entrance walking in too, but we were several steps ahead of that group. I have heard this is not always true, so keep in mind you will merge with another group.

As we walked, some people started pushing their way in front of us.

We kept walking fast and yes we tried not to let people in front of us if possible.

At one point some pushy ladies stepped on my feet to get by and I really thought if they needed to be that far ahead that they were stepping on people’s feet….then let them! In other words, be courteous as you walk, but keep in mind, not everyone else will be.

As we approached the ride, the fire truck came out and he basically made it clear to all those on the left that you had to go right and it got a bit more crowded then.

A CM led us into the queue so there was no running through it to get to the front. This part was orderly.

As we walked through we could see some empty cars going by. How exciting!!!!
Getting closer!

Time to start loading.

I believe Cass and I ended up being within the first 20 in line. We didn’t make it in the first set of cars, but we did make the first car of the 2nd set.

And we’re off!

We go out just a little ways and then stop again for a seatbelt check. I took a picture of Cass then! She always has cool poses on rides. Half the time I look like I am hanging on for dear life.

The ride starts out slow with a leisurely drive around the outside.

Once we went inside it was much harder to get pictures.

Someone went tractor tipping.

This part always made me laugh, the green jeep would call the van “hippie”.
Time for a new paint job.

Time for the big race.

We then raced another car, going back outside on some bunny hills and turns. This is so much fun. Better than Test Track at Epcot, but with a similar feeling. We laughed and giggled and our hair whipped all over.
I believe we won the race, though I am not positive, but it was so much fun.

We got stopped here, and then the cars take turns going to the unloading area.

And the ride was over, we exited and made our way out.

It was so much fun that we went back about 20 minutes later and rode it again, this time using the single rider line. I do suggest this option to you as well, if you would like to ride a second time in the morning. Many people are not aware this line even exists, especially in the morning, so wait times will be much shorter. Later in the day, the single rider line will get longer, but still faster than the standby line.

Contact Jen to book your Disneyland vacation and experience Cars Land firsthand!

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