Saturday, October 20, 2012

Split Stays Made Easy!

by Nikki Glinski

There is such an amazing variety of themed resorts on Walt Disney World property that it's sometimes hard to choose just one for your vacation. Or maybe you've chosen the perfect resort but it's not in your vacation budget to stay there your entire trip. The solution to these problems is to do a split stay - start your vacation at one resort and then switch to another.

The benefits of a split stay are exactly as mentioned above. You get to experience two (or more!) of the wonderful Walt Disney World hotels, all the while, keeping the cost of your vacation within your budget. When doing a split stay, you are required to make two separate reservations. This can be an issue if you are planning on getting a package which includes tickets plus a dining plan. One common way to go about it is to make one reservation as a package and the other, as a room-only reservation. When doing this, you will be able to use one set of 

park tickets your entire stay, cutting down on the cost of having to get a new set of tickets(The more days on your pass, the cheaper per day.In other words, one 10-day pass is much cheaper than two 5-day passes.) Unfortunately, you will not be able to get the dining plan for your entire trip unless you do a package reservation for both stays, but you will then be required to get, at least, a 1-day base ticket on one of the reservations. Confusing, right? It sure seems like it but rest assured, the agents at Mouse World Travel will help you work out the kinks so your split stay works for you!

Once you've figured out which resorts you want to stay at, let us set up your Magical Express transfer. Your airport shuttle will drop you off at your first resort and pick you up at your ending resort to take you back to the airport. The only thing you'll have to worry about is switching resorts mid-trip. This may seems like it will be a huge pain but Disney makes it very easy!

On the morning you check out of your first resort, you have a few options for transferring your luggage, and yourselves, to your new resort. If you have a car, obviously you can take everything over yourself. This can also be done by renting a taxi. But this isn't the only way. Give bell services a call and they will come to your room, pick up your luggage and carry-on items, and take them to your new resort for you! So, if you choose, you can go about your day doing whatever it is you like to do at Walt Disney World ~ go to the parks, shop at Downtown Disney, etc. Then when you are ready to leave, instead of going back to the resort you came from, just hop on a bus to your new resort. Once there, you can check in. When you get to your room, give bell services a call and they will bring you your transferred luggage. No fuss, no muss!

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