Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Coffee in Walt Disney World

by Brook Wozniak

If you know me, you know I like love my coffee.  Walt Disney World is known for it's coffee not being so great, so how can I title a blog post "Good Coffee..."?  Well, good is relative and I believe I was the first to jump for joy when Disney announced a Starbucks would be coming to the Magic Kingdom...but, a decent cup CAN be found in Walt Disney World.

Next time you are there check out a few of my favorites:

  1. Polynesian Resort: Kona Cafe pressed pot.  I melted a bit when I tasted this for the first time.  Good stuff.  The Kona Island Coffee Bar just outside the restaurant is pretty tasty too serving up a Kona blend.  It's worth a stop on the monorail.
  2. Animal Kingdom Lodge: Boma or Jiko pressed pot.  I prefer the Poly's, BUT, this African pressed pot is a close runner up. (and don't even get me started on the wonder that is the Boma breakfast buffet...Hello!)
  3. Main Street Bakery: While their iced coffee is nothing to write home about, it fills the need.  I've had their hot coffee...once.
  4. Throughout Epcot there are booths that serve Joffery's Coffee.  They do not take the Disney Dining Plan, but are worth the extra expense!  Look for the purple and white styrofoam cups.
  5. Writer's Stop in Hollywood Studios: the secret is OUT about this place, holy lines Batman!'s worth it.  I again prefer the iced here, but even the espresso is doable.
  6. Royal Anandapur Tea Company in the Animal Kingdom: I've had the frozen mochas (two thumbs up), but prefer either the frozen or hot chai tea.  A nice caffeine kick for the afternoon!
  7. Downtown Disney: Earl of Sandwich serves Seattle's Best.  A good solid cup.
A few I need to check out on my trip to the World next month:
  1. Contemporary Resort: Contemporary Grounds.  While I have walked past this place a dozen times I've never gotten a cup 'o joe.  Must remedy this.
  2. Since I'll be there during Food & Wine Festival (woo-hoo!) I need to try Belgium's Godiva Chocolate Iced Coffee.  I'm a bit nervous it will be too sweet for my palate, but worth a shot.
  3. Morocco in Epcot: I hear the Tangierine Cafe serves up a yummy cup.
Despite being able to find a good cup, I still bring my own grounds and filters for each trip.  I do look forward to Starbucks opening, I hope it's soon!

What's your favorite coffee spot?

Bottoms up!

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