Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Walt Disney World Baby Care Centers

by Hope Savannah
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I have traveled to Walt Disney World® many times as both a child and as an adult. However, three years ago was my very first trip as a MOM! Traveling with a young infant or toddler is a completely different experience! You may come across things that you are not prepared for or realize you need items you left at home.

Don't worry, Disney has it covered!!

I came across the Baby Care Centers one day when we were at the Magic Kingdom and my son needed his diaper changed. Not knowing the Baby Care Centers existed, I went into a regular bathroom and was talking to another mom who was changing her little girl. We were standing side-by-side changing our infants on a hard metal surface beside the sinks with only a thin changing pad underneath our babies. We compared notes about the day's events and then just looked at each other & laughed! We couldn't believe with all the wonderful amenities at Disney that THIS is where we were changing our infants!!! A Cast Member overheard our conversation and told us about the Baby Care Centers!!! Of course! We just KNEW Disney had this covered!

Later that day, I decided to take a look! At the Magic Kingdom, the Baby Care Center is located right next to the First Aid Station beside the Crystal Palace Restaurant. Very easy to find! I walked in and was greeted by a very nice Cast Member, she asked if I had questions and when I said I had never been, and then she gave me a brief tour! The changing tables inside the Magic Kingdom Baby Care Center are plush and very large. They have a belt to strap your baby to the table and an area to lay your park bag, diaper bag, camera, or anything you need to put down while changing your little one! As soon as you are finished, the Cast Member will come over to disinfect the table with cleaner and put down new changing paper for the next guest!

**Please note all pictures within this article are from the Baby Care Center at Animal Kingdom. The layout of the Baby Care Center, changing tables, and high chairs are different at each location.

The Baby Care Centers also have an area for feeding your baby. If you are a new mother, they have private nursing rooms off the main room. These are small rooms with a rocking chair and you are able to close the door for privacy. While it is fine to nurse anywhere on property, these are good if you or your infant prefer quiet, dark, or air conditioning! They also offer high chairs for babies/toddlers who are eating solids -- and they even sell baby food if you need more or left yours back at the resort! A sink and microwave are located here as well so that you can heat up your baby's food or bottle!

The largest areas of the Baby Care Centers have small tables and chairs in the center for the kids and regular sized chairs for adults or older children.  You can sit here, relax and watch a Disney movie.  If a second parent, or older children prefer to be outside, there are benches located outside of each Baby Care Center. In addition, please note that strollers are not permitted inside. You will also find the ONLY non-automatic flushing toilets on property inside the unisex bathroom inside each Baby Care Center. Great for children who are afraid of those auto-flush toilets or for potty training toddlers!

You didn't bring enough diapers to the park? Your baby is eating more than you thought? Not a problem!!! The Baby Care Centers offer a wide variety of supplies to purchase! This includes small packs of diapers, baby wipes, powder, baby food, juice, Pedialyte, baby formula, sunscreen, and even some over-the-counter medications. You will find that the bigger Baby Care Centers have more supplies, while the smaller ones have their baby supplies at a nearby gift shop.

The Baby Care Centers are located next to the First Aid stations at each of the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks and and are well marked on each park map:

Magic Kingdom Park® -- In between Casey's and the Crystal Palace 
Disney's Animal Kingdom Park® -- Behind the Creature Comforts Gift Shop (right before you cross the bridge into Africa, look for the red ladybug lights)
Disney's Hollywood Studios Park® -- Near the Main Entrance inside Guest Relations
Epcot® -- Inside the Future World Odyssey Center (in between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion)

In my opinion, these are a hidden treasure at Disney for parents! You will definitely miss these when your Disney vacation comes to an end!

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