Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dreaming of a Disney Cruise

A few of our agents recently returned from cruising on the new Disney Dream during Disney's Agent Education Program. Seeing her in person was awesome to say the least!

Cass has written a very detailed trip report with TONS of fabulous pictures of anything you could want to see on the Dream HERE

As for my experience, I never thought that I would be fortunate to have been able to sail on the Dream so soon. My family had a 3-day cruise booked on her in September, but it looked like we were going to have to cancel it. When the opportunity came not only to sail on her almost immediately, but be there as Disney's guests and on her second official sailing, I jumped at the chance.

Even after many Disney cruises I still never tire of seeing the DCL ships docked at their terminal in Cape Canaveral! Seeing the Dream for the first time all spanking new, was surreal. :)

During my stay, there were SO many changes and improvements that I appreciated and loved on the Dream. Instead of doing a trip report that Cass has already done such a thorough job on, I will list some of my favorites features and improvements:
1. A bigger, more grand atrium lobby. Simply breathtaking! The pictures don't do the chandelier justice, it sparkles so much more in real life!

2. Great improvements to all of the kids clubs and nursery. It made me wish my 8 year old son was with me

3. Great improvements on the teen club, the Vibe. It made me wish my teens were with me! I was wishing everyone were with me!

4. The interactive art and mystery game that anyone can have fun playing

5. Cabanas buffet- bigger and much, much easier to maneuver through. Great selections!

6. Movies on demand on the stateroom TVs. It will be so hard going back to the Magic and Wonder's        TVs after being spoiled with this!

7. Mickey slide - it has a few more curves going down it, and is in a much better location.

8. Great big splash area for little kids and it's Nemo themed!

9. Both kids' pools can watch the jumbotron now :)

10. Walt Disney Theater! Much easier to get a great unobstructed view and now there is a balcony! So happy! Plus, there are 3 showings a night, 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00pm

11. Stateroom closet doors- they open now instead of slide. (It's a minor improvement to me, but still an improvement.)

12. Stateroom decoration and bedding - very comfy and pretty. I love the duvet instead of the bedspreads.

13. Animator's Palate - simply amazing! Great improvements with great technology!

14. The rest of the restaurants - stunning

15. And last but definitely not least, the AQUADUCK! We came back early from Castaway Cay and rode it 10 times in a row! It was a blast and I can't wait to go with my kids.

All in all, the ship was big, new and beautiful,  the colors-- vibrant,  the decor-- elegant, tasteful and pristine. This new ship is definitely a feast for the eyes and welcome new addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet! I cannot WAIT to be able to go back with my family and now that I have been on her, it will probably be sooner than later! :)

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